Products from the farm

Free-range eggs

Free-range eggs are available in vending machines, like all the other regional products.

Canned sausages

We offer canned sausages directly from our farm.


In the sorts:

  • liver sausage (Leberwurst)
  • Bierschinken
  • blackpudding (Blutwurst)
  • brawn (Schwartenmagen)
  • Bratwurst grob or fine
  • ham sausage (Schinkenwurst)

Cattle salami

Salami from our meat in different sorts:

  • cattle salami - nature
  • cattle salami - paprika
  • cattle salami - caraway
  • cattle salami - pepper

Guhl's fresh milk pudding

Homemade pudding, completely made without pudding

powder and out of fresh milk.


Homemade egg noodles

Noodels in different forms and tastes, produced with our free-range eggs.