Our farm

The shot of our area shows you our farm from above. Here you get to know more about our animals.


Milking cows

Our 70 milking cows are milked by our milking robot 24 hours a day and can switch between the feeding area and the laying boxes whenever they want. They can also enjoy the sun on our outdoor stable.

Our cows are fed 100% GMO-free, which is mostly produced by ourselves. Because of our own cultivation and the constant control of the food quality we know exactly what we feed our animals.


Our pregnant cows and cattles spend the summer month out on our fields and enjoy the fresh grass.

Our breeding

The first three weeks after birth our calves get milk exclusively. Up from the third week they live in a big straw barn with all the other calves. There they get fresh hay, concentrated feed and milk. At the age of 12 weeks they change again their stable and they get now a feed ration, fitting to their needs for further grow. It includes grass, corn and our crops.

Chicken barn

There have always been chickens on our farm, but in 2018 we brought our chicken coop up to date with the latest technology in order to be able to offer our "girls" the best conditions and to make our work a little easier.

Our converted stable is characterized by family nests, a feeding system, water lines and light / air system.


There is also a winter garden for scratching and pecking, which is directly connected to the stable.


But why are our eggs marked with a "2"?

We like to let our chickens in the chicken garden when the weather is good, but when the weather is bad we would like to leave us the option to leave the chickens in the barn to make sure that their health is not impaired.


The additional scratching area is available for such cases. In this way, the chickens have additional opportunities to move around despite the spacious barn. With "free-range chickens" this is not allowed according to the regulations.


The fresh eggs are available 24 hours a day in our vending machines.